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  1. Bing vs Google Face-Off Still On: Bing Announces Search Index Boost, Social Results & More

    Needless to say, privacy is to be taken more than seriously these days, with glitches being pointed at as well as enquiries (and sometimes lawsuits) being launched left and right across the globe on Facebook's privacy issues, Google's rogue Wi-Fi...

  2. My "Must Have" List of Directories

    I've had a few minor glitches, and I found their customer service responsive and helpful. I'm a huge proponent of submitting yourself to directories that are directly related to your business. Playing in your own neighborhood is an important part...

  3. Google Trends Goes Daily; Drops Hourly Updates

    We hope Google didn't make this change due to our report on glitches in Google Trends or the appearance of spam more frequently in the Google Trends results. For anyone following the Search Zeitgeist, this is a sad day.

  4. Run Down Of Recent Google Bugs & Glitches

    Over the past two days or so, I have reported over at my other blog, four new bugs and glitches over at Google. This is a high number of real bugs in Google in a short period of time. Here is a run down of them and if they have been fixed or not.