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Girl My Best Friend

  1. Why Links are Like Shoes

    Cloaked and hidden links are like the bad girl you dated but never admitted you dated. I was IMing another SEO friend and looking at a really cute pair of pumps when the thought came into my head, "I think I love good links almost as much as I love...

  2. Link Building for Dumb Asses

    The attention, though, was more along the lines of "poor silly dumb girl. So all we would be left with was, "poor silly dumb girl. However, mash those two things up and you, my friend, have stumbled upon magic.

  3. ThreadWatch Closing on Friday

    Aaron I love you mate but.girlfriend/ThreadWatch ThreadWatch/girlfriend - you can always find another girl friend. Many of the best people in our industry have posted there, and at times many of the worst as well.