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Gift Cards

  1. The Quick Guide to Developing Customer Personas

    Within your survey, ask if any of the participants would be interested in a follow-up interview, and make sure it is worth their while (a.k.a.more money, gift cards, etc. However, given the proper incentive (think gift cards, money, can...

  2. Back to School: Now That’s What I Call a PPC Strategy!

    Also remember that college students are shopping for furniture and appliances, and that family members are buying them gift cards. Back to school shopping represents the second biggest consumer spending event outside of the holidays.

  3. Gifting Online & Offline: Shopping and Behavioral Search

    When we look at the singular keyword “gift,” this generally reflects interest in Gifting Applications – that is, vehicles of gifting behavior such as gift baskets, gift cards, gift certificates, or even just gift ideas.