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  1. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 2: The Content (and Plot) Develops

    Lisa's team wrote on the company's blog almost every day, but it was a ghost town, and the only social activity was from a group of conservative moms who criticized the ads as too provocative, which they were; Don had made sure of it!

  2. What Percentage of Brands Actually Use Google+ Authorship? [Analysis]

    Is Google+ Really a Brand Ghost Town? But sometimes it can be easy to get caught up within our own bubble, so I wanted to see how (or if) brands have adopted Google authorship. Is Google+ and rel=author markup really being taken seriously by brands?

  3. Happy Halloween Google Doodle: Spooky Haunted House Logo Full of Interactive Fun

    The third door, marked with the address 13, reveals a light blue ghost, with a thin sheet covering it’s “g” shaped body. Clicking on the ghost causes him to disappear in a puff of smoke, before rising again from the concrete stairs, howling, “Boo!

  4. Top Bing Searches in 2011: Bieber, Kardashian & Royal Wedding

    Other categories covered in Bing’s 2011 top searches lists include Most Searched Movies (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”), Morning Shows (“Today Show”), Daytime Talk Shows (Wendy Williams), Late Night Shows (Chelsea Handler), Reality TV Shows...

  5. 5 Options for Choosing a Country, Region, or Language Selector

    Forced IP or “ghost” Selector: Utilizing geo IP location technology, a user is automatically sent to the country based on their IP address. Forced IP or “Ghost” Selector Usability: If it isn’t easy to locate, use, or otherwise just unclear, you may...