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  1. Google Must 'Forget' Unfavorable Search Results in Europe

    There is also the possibility that the links will only be removed from that particular country's version of Google, similarly to how it removes hate speech and Holocaust denial related links in both France and Germany, as both are illegal in those...

  2. Google: 25,000 Government Requests for Data in First Half of 2013

    Germany: 2,311 requests – 48 percent led to some data being handed over. France: 2,011 requests – 49 percent led to some data being handed over. Governments requested data over 25,000 times from Google in the first six months of 2013, the search...

  3. Google News Snippets, YouTube Embedded Videos Face Legal Challenges in Germany

    Webmasters will need to be much more careful about quoting content from online German publications if a new online copyright law comes into effect in Germany on August 1. If the law had passed in that form, it would have caused significant issues...

  4. Germany Orders Google to Restrict Autocomplete Results

    The BBC speculates this new ruling could have bearing on a case brought forth by Germany’s former First Lady, Bettina Wulff, for autocomplete results that suggest she’s linked to prostitution. Google Fined $65K in France for ‘Crook’ Autocomplete...

  5. Is Google's Unified Privacy Policy Illegal in Europe?

    On 19 March 2013, representatives of Google were invited at their request to meet with the taskforce led by the CNIL and composed of data protection authorities of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

  6. 5 Reasons Why People Hate International Search Marketing

    Or you can say the dude you work for in the office in Germany is a “Sitzpinkler”, which isn’t translatable in English and means “a man who pees sitting down. If you’re aiming at $99 then have your buddies in Germany get it for €69 and you Russian...

  7. Google Sued by Germany’s Former First Lady for Prostitution-Related Search Suggestions

    Autocomplete results are generated based on the information people are already searching for, said Google Germany head of PR Kay Overbeck. This time, Germany’s former First Lady, Bettina Wulff, is taking the search giant to court.