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German Parliament

  1. CDS lessons from the emerging markets

    Just before the ‘red shirt’ protestors stormed Thailand’s parliament on April 7 – prompting the government to declare a state of emergency in Bangkok – the cost of protection on Thailand had been near its low for the year at 95.1bp.

  2. EU regulators ready to act in concert?

    The European Parliament is very firmly of the view that a common market needs a common financial services supervisory culture and practice, and cannot afford to have 27 different regimes with more than 60 different national authorities regulating...

  3. Solvency II - Compromise in sight on draft directive

    However, the four sticking points must be dealt with under the so-called Lamfalussy Level 2 process, via the Council of Europe (currently led by Slovenia) and a committee of the EU Parliament chaired by Solvency II lead rapporteur, Peter Skinner.

  4. Making apples from pears

    Parliament barely adopted it at second reading in January, after innumerable rounds of diplomacy and almost 200 amendments. That's why it didn't have an easy passage through parliament. If the European parliament committee was unable to find a...