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Generation Z

  1. 3 Killer Survey Questions to Generate Useful Content For a Link Building Campaign

    Include these every survey you conduct for content generation. The quality of the content you create is influenced by the quality of the material on which it is based. However, that material may not be complete – a client's knowledge of their own...

  2. 5 Fast Facts about the EU's Privacy Ruling on Google

    This ruling is good news for young people who are growing up in the Facebook generation, where awkward teenage selfies or underage drinking photos may affect future college and job opportunities. Let's dive into the facts.

  3. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    They're more likely to belong to the younger Millennial generation that has grown up with phones in hand. Today's generation of moms and dads are turning to the Web for answers. With both Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, Jordan Rost, Brad...

  4. You'll Laugh, Then Cry When You See the Simple Trick This Single Mom Uses to Beat Enterprise SEOs

    For brands, the value in content generation is in the long term – searches over months and years building up to be a large portion of your overall inbound traffic. What did you just click on? Look at the ridiculous headline for this column.