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  1. Responsive Design vs. Task-Oriented UX Design

    Tablet usage tends to be mostly stationary or confined to a defined area (coffee shop, warehouse, hospital, plane). While exceptions do occur, the following are some general usage paradigms. Consequently, when they ask a design firm to build a...

  2. Google CEO Larry Page Suffers From Rare Voice Health Issue

    Steven Zeitels from the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center — who is really excited about the potential to improve vocal cord nerve function. While he is quick to state it isn’t life threatening, it does...

  3. Microsoft Wants You to Search the Web Like Miley Cyrus

    Such a model may be applied in a search system coupled to an intranet in a hospital such that, when a search is conducted for lab results of a patient, a clinician may receive, in addition to lab results for the patient, comparative data...

  4. Google Health Shutting Down Doesn’t Mean Google Has Abandoned Health

    Search functionality in these systems has been notoriously weak, and patient portals, if available, were non-core add-ons that did were confined to information only available through that specific physician’s office or hospital.

  5. A message from Becky Ryan - Social Queen of SES San Jose

    What: IMCharity We are going to be raising money for 2 great causes - The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and the Childrens Hospital. For general information about the auction, visit:

  6. Do Social Networks Bring Out the Animal in Us?

    He used the medium to record the events leading up to the birth -- allowing his "followers" to share in what was happening without pacing the hospital halls with him. In short, it seems the latest group coming into the world is extremely adept at...

  7. Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

    Florida governor Jeb Bush signed measures closing public access to information on hospital security plans and information on emergency stockpiles of pharmaceuticals. Where former Freedom of Information Act policy put the burden on the federal...