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Geico Insurance

  1. Marketing Pitches: Don't Strike Out With Your Audience

    Notice how much better GEICO and Progressive Insurance are at this. Even if I'm paying too much for my auto insurance, I'm not going to give my business to a company that starts their pitch with a statement that they can't possibly know to be true.

  2. U.S. District Court Judge Issues Written Decision in Geico v. Google AdWords Case reports that the judge in the Geico v. Geico? Geico Direct? The judge found that there was infringement where the terms were used in the text of sponsored ads.In a ruling issued on Monday [8/8/05], Judge Brinkema ruled that GEICO had ?

  3. Topix Upgrades News, Adds Email Alerts

    GEICO v. Google: Insurance Company Tries to Limit Consumer Access to Information. These include local pages (a page for each zip code in the enhanced with direct links to local information such as aerial images, television listings, movie...