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  1. Holiday Season Search Trends of Top U.S. Retail Brands

    They are bidding on their own keyword of “”, but they also bid on more precise keywords such as “hp touchpad” and “gears of war 3”, directing the consumer to view ads for something in particular that Walmart carries.

  2. Search & Social Media in the Dutch Elections, Part 1: Twitter

    Maybe the parties will have to change their gears when they join a new element: the Twitter debates. Where politicians used to live their own lives and only communicated with voters during election time by telling them what they planned to do, now...

  3. Microsoft Live Search is Now Bing

    In 2008, it spent another $22 million, but shifted gears to focus on certain niches it was already doing well in. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today drew back the curtain on the new incarnation of Live Search: Bing.

  4. Christmas Gifts Ideas from Lycos Before Thanksgiving Day

    Also racking up points online, making first-ever appearances on the top video games list, are war-themed games including Call of Duty: World at War (#9) and Gears of War 2 (#14), while Guitar Hero World Tour (#8) and Wii Fit (#15) are the most...

  5. The Future of Online Ads: Location, Location, Location

    When we originally proposed the Gears Geolocation API our goal was to make it easy for developers to deliver location enabled web sites on mobile phones. A related piece to this puzzle involves national advertisers supporting their local stores...