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Gay Men

  1. Google’s Legalize Love Campaign Pressures Governments on Gay Rights

    Despite early reports the program is fighting for the legalization of gay marriage, Google insists “‘Legalize Love' is a campaign to promote safer conditions for gay and lesbian people inside and outside the office.

  2. Alan Turing Google Doodle: Turing Machine Codebreaker Logo Honors Father of Computer Science

    Alan and the many thousands of other gay men who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly. BBC surmises that he was “very likely influenced by hearing of the early Scandinavian gay movement.

  3. Valentine's Day 2012 Google Doodle Animates Tony Bennett's ‘Cold, Cold Heart’

    As the video concludes, images of couples pop up to demonstrate that anyone (and anything) can find their true love: a dog and cat, a gay couple, an astronaut and an alien, an interracial couple, a cookie and a carton of milk, a Princess and her...

  4. AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal

    Logo – Original shows and specials for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) audience including “Noah's Arc,” and “Open Bar,” as well as “Real Momentum” documentaries Spike TV – Series geared to helping men Get More Action, such as...