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  1. Google Social 'Layers', Google Fires Teen Stalker, Facebook/Microsoft Search Deal Rumor & More Search News

    Google Engineer Stalked Teens, Spied on Chats - Gawker Google will begin adding "layers" of social networking features starting this fall, rather than unveiling a flashy product to compete with Facebook, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said yesterday at...

  2. SearchDay | Use Caution When Growing Your Site

    Posted by Frank Watson Dec 31, 2008 Rumor has it Google VP Marissa Mayer will be leaving the company in 2009, Gawker reported. Today's Top Story: EricEnge Use Caution When Growing Your Site BY THE NUMBERS If you're planning on rapidly expanding...

  3. Marissa Mayer To Leave Google?

    Rumor has it Google VP Marissa Mayer will be leaving the company in 2009, Gawker reported. Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience, joined Google from Stanford's graduate computer science department in 1999 as the company's...

  4. Top 10 Videos on YouTube from SES San Jose 2008

    Mostly he just beats up on Gawker. SES San Jose 2008 was held just a couple of weeks back, but still gives us enough time to find out what topics the top 10 videos on YouTube from the event were about.

  5. Praise for the Print Version

    When does a complaint about non-user-initiated (or not-intentionally-user-initiated) audio get interesting enough to make the virtual pages of Gawker? When the ad in question is for a certain Pfizer product much in the news of late, and the first...

  6. BlogPulse Releases List of Top Blogs, Blog Posts, and More of 2005

    Gawker The last two weeks have been busy with the release of "Top Search" lists and rankings from all of the major search players. We've blogged them all. What about the blogosphere itself? Well, the BlogPulse team has release their year-end review.

  7. Search Engine Ad Reps: Friend or Foe?

    Yahoo News Hosts Gawker Gang. A special report from the Search Engine Strategies conference, August 8-11, 2005, San Jose, CA. A longer version of this story for Search Engine Watch members offers tips on working with search engine ad reps in ways...