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Gary Stein

  1. Searchonomics: Search Statistics Made Fun

    Geoff went on to read a quote from former Jupiter Research Analyst Gary Stein who said, "68% of advertisers using the Internet report confidence in their return on investment. Whoever said statistics about search must be dry and boring hasn't...

  2. Search Branding: You Want It, But How To Measure?

    Don't Convert from Gary Stein at ClickZ looks at how many marketers say search has a branding goal for them but still fail to figure out ways to measure if this is happening. Gary then offers some tips on how to do so, such as establishing a...

  3. SEMs: Agency Churn Is Coming

    So says Gary Stein of JupiterResearch, in Search agencies take note! Churn is coming to your space. SEM Agencies: Prepare to Play Musical Clients at ClickZ. As cost rise, clients will take a harder look at relationships.