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Gary Flake

  1. MSN Steals Head Of Yahoo Labs

    Gary Flake as a distinguished engineer, the first such external hire for a distinguished engineer for the company. Our Gary -- Gary Price -- did a three part interview with Flake last year. Formerly, Flake was head of Yahoo Labs.

  2. Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs, Part 2

    Gary Flake is Principal Scientist but at least I can search for documents with specific field:value pairs. Gary Price is News Editor of I'd like to tell you that we will be able to make an unstructured database as powerful...

  3. Search Engine Link Popularity: Winners Don't Take All

    Flake, Steve Lawrence, Eric J. Pennock, Gary W. Though a small number of sites get the majority of inbound links and traffic, a new study reveals a previously unknown pattern of web page connectivity and shows how new, poorly connected sites can...