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Game Played

  1. Google Brings NHL, NBA Video Highlights to Search Results

    Google only shows videos for teams that played a game the previous night. So, for example, if you search for the Chicago Blackhawks or Minnesota Wild, teams that played an NHL playoff game Sunday, Google won't show any highlight videos.

  2. 4 Reasons You Should Start Obsessing About AdWords Quality Score

    Anyone who's ever played the tables in Las Vegas knows that, ultimately, the house always wins. The AdWords game is a lot like real estate – it's all about location. You don't need to be card shark to tip the odds in your favor, but you do need to...

  3. Seahawks Beat Broncos 33-17 in Battle of Bing Search Volume by State

    Of the 17 states where the Broncos won on search volume, the Broncos had the most search volume at home in Colorado (85 percent), followed by neighbor Wyoming (77 percent), South Dakota (66 percent), and Indiana (64 percent), where Peyton Manning...

  4. 10 Vital Steps to Building Social Influence

    Social media and mobile devices played significant roles in the campaign, which leveraged the fundamentals of community organizing to fundamentally change the way political campaigns and voters engage one another.

  5. Managing Management Effectively: 5 Amazing Tactics That Can Be Harnessed for Agency or In-House PPC

    If you’ve ever played the “why? game with a child, you’ll be a pro at this. In your role, you report to either upper management in-house or to stakeholders on the client side, with essential job areas such as setting goals, talking strategies...

  6. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Comes to Google: Search for Any Actor’s ‘Bacon Number’

    Have you ever played the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Google has now made the game even easier to play. is one of the top spots online to play the Kevin Bacon Game. Shortly thereafter, three Albright College students...