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  1. Twitter Popularity Higher Than Ever in 2011, Check Out These Stats & Cool Uses

    Twitter's ease of use and uniform platform really makes the possibilities vast for developers and the uses are literally infinite. This is also happening at Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play, now they even have a staffer dedicated to...

  2. Putting Search in the Ad Mix

    Google, Mashup Developers Not on Same MapFor commercial developers dissatisfied with the Google Maps API, Plac. With some spark and imagination, Miller Beer created an online campaign to capitalize on their Super Bowl ad, creating an online advert...

  3. Search Engine Software For Your Web Site

    Designing Web Usability - Search Web Developers Virtual Library, June 8, 2001 Ask Jeeves may be getting out of the enterprise search game, according to Forrester Research.

  4. The Search Engine Update, April 15, 2003, Number 147

    Some older pages accidentally got rolled out as part of the transition, and I'm made it a priority for the Jupitermedia developers to get those updated. Some people assumed that the game was all over then.