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Fuzzy Searching

  1. Ask, Analyze, Apply: Creating a (Search) Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

    Applying insights from consumer search activity requires distilling mission-critical learnings (i.e.users searching for my product/service are x age, live in x location and largely male or female) from the warm and fuzzy data points (

  2. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 6: The Search For A Better Search Engine

    Since the search has no fuzzy component, if someone is using an odd spelling or you manage to make a typo in search you will never find the person you're looking for. Just searching by last name will only bring up the same 100 results over and over.

  3. Google Scholar and Medicine; Infotrieve's ArticleFinder Database is Now Free

    In terms of searching AF offers both wildcard search options as well as fuzzy searches. One, a simple search box that can handle natural language and the other, an advanced interface that offers fielded searching (date, journal name, author...

  4. Special Search Tools & Products Issue

    This search engine uses fuzzy matching extensively, to match terms misspelled either in the search query or the web pages. As most readers know, Search Engine Watch concentrates primarily on developments in searching across the entire web.

  5. In Praise of Fuzzy Searching

    According to the Oxford American Dictionary, "fuzzy" means blurred or indistinct. Now, the last thing we searchers want are blurred or indistinct results, yet paradoxically, a liberal dose of "fuzzy logic" can actually improve the precision of...