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Fuzzy Search

  1. 6 Crucial Link Building Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic

    While Google's exact algorithms may be a little too fuzzy to dissect, they make the job of helping out SEO practitioners a tad easier by offering very distinct guidelines of what NOT to do. Since the days of Web 1.0, there have been many tactics...

  2. What 'Quick Win' Metric Can You Identify & Measure For Your Prospects?

    It's an objective finding, not subject to self-doubt or fuzzy interpretation. These translate into search behavior when a certain threshold of despair or hope is reached. An entire industry of wellness programs and lifestyle medicine have arisen to...

  3. The Misleading Sinister Surge in Traffic Before Google Panda & Penguin Struck

    The misleading surge in traffic made everyone involved feel warm and fuzzy. Understand your organic search traffic, including which landing pages are receiving the most traffic, and why. We were very happy with the results”, “our core keywords kept...

  4. Facebook F8 Wrapup: Timeline, Ticker, GraphRank for Users & Marketers

    Plain and simple, take all of the touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy life curation/scrapbooking out of it and understand that every time you check in, post, share your activities, or otherwise engage online, you’re being profiled.

  5. Google +1 Increases CTR in Organic SERPs, Ranking Boost Likely [Study]

    Whilst in my opinion, right now, the test on rankings is too fuzzy in it's implementation and was not competitive enough a target phrase to say anything truly groundbreaking about the impact on rankings, the real merits of the study are in the...

  6. Ask, Analyze, Apply: Creating a (Search) Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

    Applying insights from consumer search activity requires distilling mission-critical learnings (i.e.users searching for my product/service are x age, live in x location and largely male or female) from the warm and fuzzy data points (