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  1. Delving into the SearchMonkey

    You can see additional examples in my interview with Yahoo Chief Scientist Andrew Tomkins. I spoke to Amit Kumar, Director of Product Management at Yahoo, this past Tuesday, and he indicated that in the future that select SearchMonkey applications...

  2. Google Engine Discussed At Popular Mechanics

    Manber, "a computer science professor at the University of Arizona, then a senior vice president at Amazon and Yahoo's chief scientist, Manber is now vice president in charge of search quality for Google, where he makes sure results are engineered...

  3. Yahoo and the Future of Search

    It's a shame really, because so many people left before the last day and missed the morning keynote speech by Andrew Tomkins, Yahoo's chief scientist for search. A Future for Trust Webmaster-supplied information can play a huge role in the search...

  4. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    Ask Yahoo's chief scientist, Andrew Tomkins, who shared with us a few hints at the future of search. Ken McGaffin of Wordtracker Keyword Research at SES London 2008Ken McGaffin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wordtracker, discusses some of the most...

  5. SES New York and You

    Last, but certainly not least (and one of the reasons for sticking around to the last day), Andrew Tomkins, chief scientist at Yahoo Research, brings his experience and "how-to" knowledge to SES Thursday morning.

  6. Yahoo To Buy Overture

    Overture web search division chief scientist Jan Pedersen was originally with Infoseek, then landed at AltaVista, now works for Overture and looks to become a Yahoo employee. That helps secure Yahoo's future as a search destination.

  7. The Search Engine Report - March 4, 2003 Number 76

    Jon Kleinberg is the computer scientist instrumental in developing the HITS algorithm that profoundly influenced Google, Teoma, and other search engines. Pundits are scratching their heads over Saturday's surprise announcement that Google had...