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  1. Google Celebrates Gay Pride Month, Supports LGBT Employees

    From its internal committees to its speaker series and fundraising events, Google supports the LGBT community and employees unlike most workplaces. Google is celebrating gay pride month in a big way. In a post on Google+, Life at Google documented...

  2. Developing Links with Strategic Partnerships

    Here's a search to get you started: fundraising T-shirts. Teaming up with another site or organization is a great way to build links, exposure, and branding. It can be done in a number of different ways, depending on your company's goals and...

  3. Tis the Season to be Shopping: How Virtual Goods Are Impacting Holiday Shopping Culture

    In fact, the use of Second Life as a fundraising tool has been very successful over the years, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities. Stuff! Things! Sales! Stampedes! The senseless abuse of beleaguered retail employees!

  4. Social Media Success Stories

    Most importantly this resulted in three million online donors contributing $500 million in fundraising. How do I measure the ROI of social media? Often, when receiving these questions, it's appropriate to quip: "What's the ROI of your phone?

  5. Unveils 'Search for the Cure' to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research

    There's a sentiment among some cancer survivors to diversify fundraising for cancer research. is launching "Search for the Cure," which involves a $1 million contribution to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

  6. Would You Endorse this Web Site?

    This election season's "money bombs" and savvy Web fundraising techniques have shown us all the value of galvanizing an online community. The right connections can provide the bump you need, and the wrong connections can prove calamitous.