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  1. It's So On: Facebook Rolls Out Live Feed Search to All Users, Includes Real-Time Updates

    Just hours after announcing its acquisition of FriendFeed, Facebook came out with more big news: it's rolling out its new search to all users. Like the newly acquired FriendFeed and Twitter-the-competitor, one of the best features about this is...

  2. FriendFeed Updates Search Functionality

    FriendFeed has updated its search feature with added functionality. If you're not familiar, FriendFeed is a social aggregator that enables users to track activity on various social networks and social bookmarking sites from one place.

  3. Social Media and SEO -- Friends with Benefits?

    After all, Matt Cutts of Google recommends that you follow him on Twitter and FriendFeed. Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook account. Both are popular -- Facebook claims 140 million active users and is growing by...

  4. Social Media Metrics: How Internet Famous Are You?

    The measurement doesn't account for FriendFeed, Facebook, or a lot of other social services just yet. It won't tell you how whether you have celebrity friends, but it will let you know - in rough numbers - how much of an online celebrity you are.

  5. SearchDay: GenieKnows Its Verticals

    Posted by Nathania JohnsonSteve Rubel suggests that the real power of FriendFeed lies in searching among a network of trusted friends, along with a whole advertising strategy built around it. Will FriendFeed Change the Face of Search?

  6. Will FriendFeed Change the Face of Search?

    Earlier this year, I wrote about FriendFeed's new search feature and how it was a powerful tool for finding conversations about your brand. Now, Steve Rubel is weighing in on the discussion over the power of FriendFeed's search, saying it could...

  7. FriendFeed: The Search Engine for Conversations

    In case you haven't heard, FriendFeed is a new social media tool that allows you to view any and all updates to your accounts and friends' accounts on the most popular social media sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Digg.