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  1. Facebook on Graph Search Posts Index: 700 TB of Data & 100+ Ranking Factors

    However, these variations makes it difficult to sort posts by time, location, and tags as wall posts, photos, and check-ins all store this information differently. My second day as a Facebook intern coincided with a company-wide Hackathon, and I...

  2. Facebook Graph Search Now Lets You Search for Posts, Status Updates, Check-ins, Comments

    The new Graph Search now allows users to search for not just the usual people and places, but also to search posts, status updates, check-ins, and comments on Facebook. If you're already part of Graph Search, and you're unsure whether you have...

  3. Facebook’s Graph Search: the Ultimate Personalized Discovery Engine?

    Based on the content I’ve shared, as well as the check-ins, posts, and comments I’ve made, plus the images I’ve tagged, etc. Local (and Vertical) Search – Finding a business and/or events that friends have visited and/or liked

  4. 15 Ways to Make Small Budget Content Creation & Marketing Work

    There are now lots of great plug ins for key CMS platforms that help with this, including sweettooth for Magento or Punchtab, which can work across the board. If You Have Willing Friends It can work really well to assign budget to paid search...

  5. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    While Foursquare and Facebook deals tied to location may not be the best way for all retail brands to interact with their target consumers, the wealth of data that can be culled from check-ins is staggering.

  6. Trover: Local Search and Discovery Through Images

    Longer term, as the company continues to build these functions and monitor their usage, it will be in a better position to deliver relevant content (like Foursquare and its 1 billion check-ins). There are also social elements, explains Karas, in...

  7. Social TV Grows Up: Communities and Advertisers Flock

    The tool is quickly gaining users who can see which shows their friends are watching and comment on those check-ins. When people started using mobile check-ins more and more, eventually people wanted to not only say where they were, but what they...