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  1. Matt Cutts Extends Leave From Google Into 2015

    My group was affected, and while I have natural concerns for my own future, I am now faced with saying goodbye to some talented friends and coworkers. Matt Cutts stunned digital marketers when he announced that he would be taking a leave of absence...

  2. Scaling SEO Across Your Enterprise Business – The Human Element

    Any company that’s just starting to be serious about its SEO program may need a little help from its friends. And by friends, I mean reputable SEO and marketing agencies. Whether you’re a small business that wants to get serious about efficient...

  3. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    Weak ties play a crucial role in our ability to communicate with the outside world… our friends move in the same circles we do and are inevitably exposed to the same information. In his excellent little book Linked, published in 2002, Albert...

  4. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    Can’t ignore Google+ because those results will still appear if they’re from the searchers’ friends Our job is at the mercy of search engines and as they improve, we have to improve with them. And they improve a lot.

  5. 24-Hour Breakdown of Searches on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Black Friday shopping starts early, friends. If the retail economy was a country by itself, its GDP would rank number 22 in the world. With spend of $601.8 million last year, it’s pretty phenomenal what a two-month period can ring up.

  6. Social Customer Service Secrets to Avoid Negative Search Results

    What do my friends think? Search results beware and be aware, customer service is part two of the social media revolution. The new rules of selling and customer service are here, they’re social, they’re mobile, they’re visual…and most businesses...

  7. The Challenge of Enterprise Link-Building in a Content Marketing World

    As illustrated by the six degrees of separation from actor Kevin Bacon phenomenon, you never know who your friend's friends are. It's been pretty clear to most SEO professionals for a long time, even before we knew what a Google Penguin was, that...