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Friend Facebook Likes

  1. Make the Most of Your Social Media Interactions: 9 Tips

    Have you ever woken up after a night out with new numbers in your phone under names like “Ryan from concert”, “Sarah Cute Dress”, or “April Sam’s Friend”? You might also text some friends, post a Facebook message asking for suggestions, or run a...

  2. Facebook Gifts App Gets 14 New Retail Partners

    Facebook also gives the undecided giver gift recommendations based on that friend's age, sex, and stated likes. The new app lets users choose and then send a gift to any Facebook friend by attaching and sending it with an e-card, asking the gift...

  3. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to social media and the digital space for product research before purchase.percent of consumers recommend companies they trust to a friend or colleague (Source: Edelman)