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French Euros

  1. Top International Search Marketing Failures to Avoid in 2010, Part 1

    You noticed the URL was, the site came up terribly slow, the English translation for "hiking shoes" was "big shoe for climbing," and not only was everything in Euros, you had to pay for international shipping.

  2. France To Fund European Search Engine; Replay Of Boeing-Airbus In The Search World?

    A Bloomberg story says the loans would be about 2 billion euros. Reading my copy of the Daily Telegraph today, I came across news that French President Jacques Chirac has pledged funding a new European search engine to challenge Google,

  3. Inktomi Launches New Paid Inclusion Program, Search Improvements

    Pricing is now also available in euros and UK pounds, 33 per URL or #21 per URL. WebGravity is Inktomi's European-based paid inclusion partner, and the new site above features information in about their program in French, German, Italian, Spanish...