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French Canadian

  1. The Sun Never Sets on the Wide, Wide World of Online Video

    This means the average Canadian video viewer watched almost 247.7 videos that month. David Dvir, lead photographer for 2D Photography Toronto and his Canadian team put together what can only be described as the ultimate Rube Goldberg photo...

  2. Dialects, Diversity and Keyword Research

    It may stem from ethnic minority languages, such as Hungarians who live in Romania, to official multi-lingual countries like the French Canadian and English in Canada. Who would have thought to use French keywords as a way to target Americans...

  3. Building Trust is Key to Great Global Search Marketing

    Growing up, I was one of those lucky kids of divorced parents who had a conservative French-Canadian family on my father's side and a very liberal Greek-American family on my mother's side. The trust level between these two factions hit its high...

  4. Google 411 Launches in Canada

    Google has launched GOOG 411 in the Canadian market only in English. Not French Canadians, though. Google is the world leader among search engines and even Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has conceded Google's won the search game.

  5. Search Engines And Legal Issues

    Canadian youth in California found out who he is through AP, Feb. Google Filtering Of French & German Web Sites Revealed The Search Engine Report, Nov.