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Fraud Detection

  1. Google, Yahoo Speaking More Freely on Click Fraud

    Marshall also said that invalid click detection should be like an airport metal detector, tuned to over-report instead of under-report. I attended the Auditing Paid Listings & Click Fraud Issues session at Search Engine Strategies New York this...

  2. It's Time to See What's In the PPC Sausage

    Play Nice with Others "We know you’re not fond of third-party click fraud detection companies and their “inflated” click fraud claims. The Abridged Version: Independent Report On Google's Click Fraud Detection Practices, Search Engine Watch

  3. Louisville Grad Student Gets Grant To Study Click Fraud

    The National Science Foundation gave just under $150,000 to Li Ge, a graduate student at the University of Louisville studying click fraud detection. The NSF awarded Ge's work in data mining and click fraud under the Small Business Technology...