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Frankfurt Book Fair

  1. Surviving skew

    Meanwhile, dividend futures listed on Frankfurt-based Eurex suffered their biggest ever one-day fall on Friday, May 7. The market has not been easy, and if you had any short, unstable volatility positions in your book, it will have cost you.

  2. Give Them a Chapter Online, They're More Likely to Buy the Whole Book

    At this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, new data presented by LibreDigital shows that readers who get access to a sample chapter of a book online are more likely to buy the whole thing. In the case of one well-known book publisher, one in three people...

  3. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    More details are promised to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 6. ACAP will be presented in more detail at the forthcoming Frankfurt Book Its constituency is of book and journal publishers world-wide, assembled into 78 publishers...