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  1. SearchDay | When to Run Away from an SEO Company

    Yahoo Adds New Features To PPC Reports Posted by Frank Watson Sep 13, 2009 Yahoo just announced some new additions to their PPC reports including the ability to see what partners are sending you traffic.

  2. SearchDay | Putting the 'Search' in Research

    Posted by Frank Watson Sep 8, 2009 Google has been playing games with its logo and Twitter over the weekend. Today's Top Story: HerndonHasty Putting the 'Search' in Research SEW EXPERTS: BIG BIZ Knowing your customer...

  3. SearchDay | Bing from the Agency Perspective Takes Effort Out Of Searching For Deals Posted by Frank Watson Jun 22, 2009 Steve Schaffer, CEO of Vertive, announced his company is launching a new look for - the site that takes the work out of...