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  1. Yahoo Appoints Ross Levinsohn as New EVP of Americas

    Yesterday's rumors are today's news and in this case the news is that Yahoo has hired former News Corp exec, Ross Levinsohn. Levinsohn previously served as the president of News Corporation's Fox Interactive Media, where he was responsible for...

  2. The Times of London to Begin Charging Readers for Using its Web Site in June

    Is Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and chief executive of News Corp.crazy like a fox, or is he about to turn the best selling Sunday broadsheet in Britain into a newsletter? News Corp unveils pay-wall details for The Times online (

  3. Rupert: Pass the Media Giant on to Younger Minds

    Murdoch announced this week that he wants all of News Corp.s online news content to embrace the paid model. He built them into the global media platform that News today. The portfolio of current and potential content News Corp.owns is as...

  4. Ask Jeeves CEO: "We Are Focused on Core Search"

    Now that Ask Jeeves is part of aggressive online powerhouse InterActive Corp.what's next for the search engine and its various services? Conference chair Danny Sullivan prodded Berkowitz on a range of topics, framing the session optimistically by...