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  1. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    Here's a Really Evil Example: … See the dofollow "site review tool" link. One anonymous (and somewhat trollish) comment left on Cutts' blog was by someone who took...

  2. The Dirty Lawsuit Could be First of its Kind in Reputation Management

    Juror Deborah Spencer told Fox News, "The hangup everybody couldn't get past was her criminal side of her life, which really had nothing to do with this case. It is reported that Jones is suing The Dirty for $11 million dollars or "whatever will...

  3. Optimizing News for Searchers, Search Engines & News Publishers

    Within the top 25 search terms driving traffic to News/Information sites in February, half referred to specific news destinations, such as “CNN”, “TMZ”, “Fox News”, and “MSNBC. With the news business being so dynamic, it's hard enough keeping up on...

  4. How to Schedule Dayparting on Google AdWords

    Otherwise, you might fall victim to the sly fox who does pay attention to these metrics. Out of 168 hours in a week, Falcon Ridge discovered its 5 most profitable hours – and built a successful and mostly stress-free business out of that discovery.