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Foster City

  1. Twitter’s Year in Review 2011: Egypt, Rebecca Black, Social Good

    The Most Retweeted message of the year was a promoted tweet of the social good variety from @Wendys, which raised $50,000 for foster children with this campaign. Cairo and Egypt also took first and second place as the most discussed City/Country.

  2. Philosophy and Search: The Big Three Founders and the Philosophers

    While Yahoo and Google foster an air of communal happiness, Yahoo is the older company and would be the more appropriate fit in search lineage. The Republic is Plato's statement of what the ideally best city is; the Laws, on the other hand...

  3. Liquidity or bust?

    The committee thinks this new hybrid department would foster "creative tension" in the system and reduce conflicts inherent in the FSA. There's a lot of high-level, closed-door meetings going on in the City and everyone is getting the chance to air...