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  1. 7 Stages of “Do Not Track” Grief: A Survival Guide for Analysts & Online Marketers

    We will all feel the pain of losing a percentage of data, which is a feeling not so foreign to the industry in recent months. Be sure to update your privacy policy and try to be completely transparent without sacrificing competitive advantage.

  2. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    They say the results for such searches as [adult fun] and [buy foreign women] speak for themselves (of course, these ads will go away if you use strict Google SafeSearch filtering). In a letter to CEO Larry Page, they are requesting Google share...

  3. Gaining Top Keyword Prominence & Dominance in Foreign Languages

    Foreign languages are experiencing massive growths online, year-on-year since 2000, according to Internet World Stats: But while the online audiences browsing in these languages are growing dramatically, the field of foreign language Internet...

  4. Google vs. the World: A Week of Conflicts, Disputes, and Lawsuits

    YouTube removed videos that violated the site's guidelines prohibiting "dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb-making, hate speech, and incitement to commit violent acts," or which came from accounts "registered by a member of a designated...

  5. Obama is Winning the Internet War

    Unfortunately for the McCain ticket, their largest ancillary group is the rogue "I Have More Foreign Policy Experience than Sarah Palin," with 220,000 participants. Election Day in the fast approaching and it's anyone's guess who will win.

  6. Machines In Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of Selectric Sheep? Part 2

    A reader asked Mark about duplicate content issues in foreign languages. Translation may become the alchemy of online content, turning pedestrian words into "foreign gold" for global marketers; MT promises to solve the problem of duplicate content...