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Fool Day

  1. Google April Fools' Pranks 2013: YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue & More!

    If you click on that "city", then click on Traffic Sources or Content and you'll get a special April Fool's message: Smells like April Fools' Day. April Fools' Day - Immature and cheesy, with a quick, bright finish

  2. Nicolaus Copernicus Animated Google Doodle Models Heliocentric Solar System

    In 2004, Copernicus was the inspiration of an April Fool’s Day joke from Google, which announced it was interviewing candidates for engineering positions at the Copernicus Center, a lunar hosting and research center, set to open in the spring of...

  3. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    Simultaneously, we'll compare the search tendencies of ourselves as individuals, all while raising the all-important question: how simple is it to fool us? In total “Bain Capital” produces only 700 clicks a day at about $1 per click.

  4. Social TV Grows Up: Communities and Advertisers Flock

    Viggle is one of the newest apps on the block, but don’t let the newness fool you – Viggle is all business and their business is good. While new applications focusing on the space are popping up every day, there are a few applications that we see...

  5. 2 Books Offer Killer Social PR, Facebook Ad Tactics

    Killer Facebook Ads" by Marty Weintraub was officially unveiled at SES San Francisco this week but don’t let the name fool you. No more than two updates a day. In the who’s who of influencers – at the end of the day strong content is really the big...

  6. Analyzing the 9 Most Common Link Building Strategies [Best of SEW 2010 #2”

    Cost/Benefit: Don't engage in this strategy and don't play the fool's game of quickly unlinking to make them appear as one-way links; it's another spammy signal that won't get your far. Every day over the next two weeks, we'll repost the most...

  7. The Revenue Stream: or, "You gonna pay for that porn, boy?"

    There's no small amount of people this lie of omission would actually fool, and in the process the Lab would gain added revenue in addition to boosting age verification numbers at the same time. Better safe than sorry often ruled the day to the...