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  1. Why Google Chrome OS & The Cloud May Be Bad Ideas

    Please don't drink the Kool-Aid folks. Do you want to trust that you'll never have financially difficult times, where you have to decide between food and your livelihood? Clouds are pretty and white and good in the sky at least, but what about on...

  2. Will Google Track the Stomach Bug Like It Did the Flu?

    Drink water, oral rehydration fluids (ORF), or juice. Frequently wash your hands, especially after toilet visits and changing diapers and before eating or preparing food. If you missed my posts on Monday, it's because I was up at 3am blowing chunks...

  3. Finding Your Way Around in London

    Search Engine Strategies London gets underway tomorrow, and all of us attending the conference will also be spending time navigating this ancient, sprawling city in search of food, drink and merriment.