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  1. Think Microblogging is Hip? Try Nanoblogging!

    Enter Flutter. Flutter claims to be a nanoblogging service. In the meantime, enjoy this mockumentary about the fictional Flutter. With all the hype surrounding Twitter these days, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to outdo them and...

  2. SearchDay | Is Your Landing Page Relevant?

    The Obligatory Google "Site May Harm Your Computer" Post Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 2, 2009 Over the weekend, the blogosphere, journalists and Twitterers were all a-flutter over a Google glitch. Today's Top Story:

  3. SES San Jose 2008: Top Stories from Day 1 of Conference

    Jennifer Osborne of the aimClear Search Marketing Blog writes, “‘Tis budget season and marketing people are all a flutter trying to decide how to spend their 2009 dollars. Looking through the event coverage, here are the top stories for those of...

  4. Microsoft's Deadline Passes Without Yahoo Deal

    Steve Ballmer's "Deal or No Deal" utlimatum has passed without a deal and the analysts are all-a-flutter with predictions and speculations. If you read all the reports, the possibilities for what will happen next can seem dizzying.