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  1. Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

    A departure from his usual social media and digital flight pattern, Scott's "Marketing the Moon" tells the story of how NASA not only put the first man on the moon, but pioneered the use of brand journalism, product placement, and real-time...

  2. Responsive Design vs. Task-Oriented UX Design

    Consider that a phone might also be used to make a simple, quick hotel reservation near your current airport in the event of a cancelled connecting flight. An emergency reservation task is more location and time dependent than a laptop or tablet...

  3. Facebook Custom Audiences: 7 Strategies Marketers Can Start Using Today

    For example, a customer may use a mobile app to research flights, but only consider purchasing the flight on his laptop. This advanced form of Custom Audience retargeting helps you map the buying intentions (Google and Bing search history) of...

  4. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Specifics of segmenting users can become as refined as targeting passengers at the airport waiting for a delayed flight. Moscow accounts for 40 percent of all mobile Internet usage in Russia, according to Anna Oshkalo of Russian Search Tips.

  5. The New AdWords Opportunities Tab - How to Get the Most Out Of It

    If you have a campaign that is pacing behind, consider increasing the daily budget, but ideally, you want to flight your spend evenly during the month. Google announced an enhancement to the Opportunities tab in AdWords in November that aimed to...

  6. SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates

    Major 2013 changes included further releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird taking flight, and the shift away from providing keyword data thanks to encrypted search. Are we active on the social networks that matter to the search engines?

  7. Google Updates Android Search App; Teases New iPhone/iPad Search App

    Real-time sports and flight updates, no 15 min delay Google pushed out several updates to the Google Search app for Android 4.1+ users this week. The company also has revealed plans for a new version of the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad users.

  8. Google Search Now More Personal: Ask Google About Your Travel, Purchases, Plans, Photos

    Now, if you have your flight information in your Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google+, you can simply type or use voice search to ask “What’s my flight status? Sometimes you just quickly want to check flight status, but it’s easier said than done...

  9. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Google search manipulation starves some websites of traffic – PCWorldHarvard Business School associate professor Ben Edelman, who is a paid Microsoft consultant, puts out another anti-Google study, this time on flight search, and reports an "85...