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Flat Screen Tv

  1. The 'Hoarding' Template: A Perfect Model for Your AdWords Campaign

    Testimonials (interviews with the hero and their friends and family)Call to action outro screen – apply to be on an upcoming show Imagine the pitch for the TV series “Hoarding: Buried Alive”: “OK, I’ve got a surefire winner: A reality show about...

  2. Profit Optimization: Marry Search Data with Sales to Boost Marketing ROI

    For example, order 112 came from Yahoo for the keyword "flat screen tv. by Ron Belanger and Bill Mungovan Search marketing has been one of the few advertising channels that has weathered the recession with flying colors.

  3. Twitter and Local Search: A Status Update

    That's perfectly okay if you're researching a new flat-screen TV, or the history of Mongolia. The online media world today is mostly divided between those who "get" Twitter and those who don't. These groups are further subdivided between those who...

  4. For Local Search, It's All About the Online-Offline Gap

    This is especially true in certain service categories and products that are too bulky to ship or are dependent on a visual purchase decision (e.g.flat screen TVs). The goal is to allow marketers to create TV, terrestrial radio, and newspaper ads...