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Flat Fee

  1. Create Something Newsworthy, Part 2 -- Testing

    If budget permits, consider paying the people for their time -- offer a flat fee or, at the very least, a free or discounted product. Last time, we looked at producing something newsworthy to build your brand, awareness, and links.

  2. Landing Page Optimization -- Insource or Outsource? Part 2

    For example, many testing companies offer extended payment terms or allow you to pay a flat-fee monthly subscription for a certain ongoing level of testing work. I looked at the three key factors that should guide your decision to outsource or...

  3. Social Networking on Mobile Phones is Hot in the UK

    There could be increased consumer demand for mobile social networking driven by the flat fee price plans offered by the leading operators that give subscribers unlimited mobile Internet access. Nielsen has released data showing the popularity of...

  4. SEM Vendor Checklist

    retainer, hourly, flat monthly fee, etc. Do you have a monthly PPC minimum spend or fee? What is your agency's billing model for PPC: percentage of spend, percentage of revenue, monthly fee, hybrid? We've all heard anecdotes regarding the...

  5. Yahoo's Local Ad Options

    Local Listings for marketers who desire a simplified approach and appreciate the flat monthly fee. Patricia Hursh tackles the finer points of local ad options available in Yahoo's Panama platform in her ClickZ column today, Yahoo Local Advertising...