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  1. Bing Top Searches of 2012: Those Kardashian People, iPhone 5 & Beyonce’s Baby

    News Flash: iPhone 5 Most Searched, Gangnam Style Honey Boo Boo and a terrible natural disaster come in fourth and fifth in search volume, respectively. The Avengers - most searched movie What most captured the interest of the American public this...

  2. SEO Site Structure 101, Part 2

    Avoid embedding your site navigation in Javascript, Flash or other code that the search engines typically ignore or can't interpret. For example, if you were a user (or a search engine spider) which of these URLs would you be most likely to link to...

  3. The Evolution of SEO

    As Google slowly expands its ability to read Flash objects, as mobile search begins to pick up steam, as new search engines hit the ground running, SEO shows no signs of stunting its evolution. The popularity of sites like YouTube, and the creation...

  4. Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, August 2007

    Flash, Generic Flash (Generic): Macromedia’s vector-based authoring tool that outputs file formats used to display interactive elements. Requires a plug-in (Flash Player). Generic Flash (Shockwave Formats - .swf) files used for standard Flash banners.

  5. Daily SearchCast, August 17, 2006: Hot Search Blogs; GoogleTalk Gets New Features; Filing Time For Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement; Beaming Up Google Engineers & More!

    When you visit a site with Google AdSense ads, you would hardly expect the ads to trigger an auto-install prompt window to download various third party applications such as Flash, Quicktime and Adobe Acrobat.