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  1. Smart beta indexes gain currency with Asian investors

    Indeed, independence of provider has become a higher priority after investor suspicion about bank proprietary indexes was exacerbated by following the Libor and foreign exchange benchmark fixing scandals, which prompted the International...

  2. OCC’s Taylor: US creates ‘headroom’ for leverage rethink

    Taylor outlined a number of steps the Basel Committee is taking to promote greater conformity, including: expanding its analysis to cover credit valuation adjustment in the trading book and small business and retail portfolios in the banking book...

  3. 2 Mistakes That Cause Advertisers to Quit AdWords Just When They’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough

    So fixing your AdWords account won’t necessarily open the floodgates of hungry prospects eager to buy what you’re selling (although we’ve seen that often enough). When people find out I’m the author of Google AdWords for Dummies, the second most...

  4. Matt Cutts on SEO, PageRank, Spam & the Future of Google Search at Pubcon Las Vegas

    Unfortunately, the pipeline they used to push the data to the toolbar broke and Google does not have anyone working on fixing it. First, Cutts spoke about Google’s “Moonshot changes,” which he broke down into these areas: