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First Impression

  1. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    Lesson #6: First Impression and Client Meetings You only get one first impression and one chance to present your proposal. Next, I met one of the first true organic SEO pioneers though a mutual client and the rest was history.

  2. Mastering the PPC Challenge: A Beginner’s Guide [#CZLSF]

    Impression share less than 80 percent (for search campaigns) Below first page bid On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend the fabulous ClickZ Live conference in downtown San Francisco. In between live tweeting from the event, posting pics, and...

  3. Retailers Outspend Luxury Brands on Luxury Keywords in Paid Search [Report]

    The top retail spender was and they had the highest impression share, 8.72 percent. Based on the significant investment that advertisers are making in paid search, it is essential that we understand what their impression share...

  4. SEO & PPC Q1 2014 Trends: '(not provided)', Mobile & Bing Ads All Grow [Reports]

    When it came to which device experienced the most impression growth, it’s no surprise mobile came out on top with a 60 percent change YoY. Over the first two weeks in January, Yahoo organic’s measurable share of all site visits dropped from 2.5...