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  1. How Video Site NDN is Driving 500 Million+ Video Views Per Month

    Search Engine Watch (SEW) interviewed Stephen Bach (SB), the head of Business Development at NDN. But as we learned more about the deficiencies of the existing online video model; it became clear that with enough scale and advertiser demand, the...

  2. SEO & PPC: The Comprehensive Starting Points for Driving Mobile Traffic

    A bad user experience leads to the searcher returning to search engine results. Wilensky provided links discussing the major search engines positions on this. Incorporate Day-Parting as desktop search “off-hours” become mobile search “on-hours”.

  3. Google Shows Evolution of Search, Launches Interactive Timeline

    When it was first released, Google search had no ads or other system of monetization. The Google Search of Yore In 2000 the company developed AdWords, but kept two specific goals in mind: ensuring that ads were clearly labeled as such and making...

  4. How to Test International Search Marketing Opportunities at Low Cost

    In other words, use expert native-speakers of the target language in order to make this work -- expert in this sense means that they are specialist search marketers and not simply translators. It takes quite some time to build up momentum in the...