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First Day Summer

  1. 3 Ways Ecommerce Websites Can Grow or Maintain Organic Search Traffic

    The screenshot below shows the SERP for "summer dress," which contains paid ads, PLAs, and approximately 1.5 organic-search results. First, let’s look at what used to be a simple science – tracking. Those with their sleeves pushed up working day-to...

  2. Animated Google Doodles Welcome First Day of Summer and Winter 2013

    The solstice marks the first day of summer or winter, depending on where in the world you live, and is also either the longest day or the shortest day of the year. Here's what those of us up north are seeing on the first day of summer:

  3. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    Events such as the Oscars or the Super Bowl might draw international audiences to greater or lesser degrees, but the 2012 Summer Olympics, featuring participants from more than 200 different nations, had truly global appeal.

  4. When Machines Start Writing Back: My Problem With DataPop & Automated Content Creation

    I had the opportunity to meet a few of the folks from DataPop at SES San Francisco this summer. They may not be first on the automated content scene, but they caught my eye and so are the subjects of my indignation and wrath as a writer scorned.