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  1. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    PR and marketing firms are morphing into digital marketing experts regardless of the actual experience. Everyone and their brother has hung a social media shingle, including unworthy PR firms," said aimClear CEO Marty Weintraub, who has specialized...

  2. Rise of the New School SEO Professional

    Outside SEO firms have little stake in existing internal power structures or technical platforms or approaches. Brands need SEO firms to keep them abreast of the changing landscape, to drive results, and to give them the unbiased advice they need.

  3. Over 90% of Shoppers Find Their Cyber Monday Shopping Experience Satisfying

    The two firms used social media data and consumer opinion surveys to discover holiday shopping trends. A recent study from enterprise data and analysis firm Qualtrics surveyed 1,100 consumers to find out how they choose to shop during the busiest...

  4. Online Video Ad Spending Increased 27% in 2012; Projected to Grow Another 47%

    The research found that 27 percent of firms surveyed said their broadcast budget was reduced to fund online ad spending. According to the firm's study, 58 percent of those surveyed said that they plan to bring online video and TV ad planning closer...

  5. Revenue from Localized Mobile Ads to Reach $5.8 Billion in U.S. by 2016

    To come up with its figures, BIA/Kelsey took interviews and reports from local ad firms like A major factor in the firm's projections is that marketers will master the learning curve and mobile marketing products will get easier to use over...

  6. Facebook-Datalogix Partnership to Track Offline Purchases by 100 Million+ Households

    But while clicks are an effective way to measure campaigns designed to drive traffic and fulfill direct response goals, increasingly, research from firms like Nielsen suggest that clicks aren’t the right metric for the broader set of marketing...

  7. Twitter Archive: Datasift Selling 2 Years of Searchable Tweets

    The past two years of Twitter data has been archived and is now available for firms wanting to analyse tweets to identify trends in market sentiment or plan marketing campaigns. It was revealed this week by UK firm Datasift.