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  1. Guy Kawasaki Talks Content Marketing, Social & Google+

    He's also a TEDx speaker, a marketing adviser to Motorola, and one of the original Apple employees responsible for marketing the Macintosh. It's easy for me to say: I mean it involves lifestyle changes, but I think the most important step for any...

  2. Google Gives Eric Schmidt 'Unprecedented' $100 Million Equity Award

    Schmidt will become Google's executive chairman, focusing on deals, partnerships, customers, and government outreach, and act as an adviser to Page and co-founder Sergey Brin. Patrick Pichette, senior vice president and chief financial officer, and...

  3. Why Google Chrome OS & The Cloud May Be Bad Ideas

    So I asked my friend Christopher Warner, an Information security adviser at the Internet Business Group here in Las Vegas (he's also a subject matter expert in all things related to cyber security and has worked for federal agencies and in cyber...

  4. Google CEO to MicroHoo: We'll Bank on Frank

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt has named legendary Bubble 1.0 i-banker Frank Quattrone as an adviser to help reverse engineer the Yahoo-AOL and MSN- MySpace entanglements, according to the NYT blog DealBook .