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Film Trailer

  1. YouTube Adds Video Editing, Lets You Make Quick Fixes to Videos

    Let’s say you wanted to use this old trailer to promote the 70th anniversary of “Citizen Kane”, which the American Film Institute (AFI) voted as the “Greatest Movie of All Time. Trailer #1 Citizen Kane —

  2. Smarter Marketing and the Weak Link In Its Success

    Promoting a film relies heavily on creative – the trailer played in theaters, on websites, on YouTube. This is critical in driving buzz around the film. Last summer, one of the studio’s launched a film marketed as a standard espionage film starring...

  3. Searching Via Your Camera Phone

    Take a picture of a billboard, and you'll get a film trailer sent back to you, for example. Search technology comes to the camera phone from looks at new developments in letting people take pictures with camera phones as a way to do...