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  1. Visual PR Secrets: Content Power Tips and Social Publishing Trends

    Draw something and film it on vine. NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen's board on Pinterest is a perfect example of how high priced designers and production red tape can be replaced by the simplicity of a pen and paper for engaging visuals.

  2. Maker Studios Takes Third Place in YouTube Partner Channels Ranking

    However, this may come as only a brief ray of sunshine for Maker Studios because Ray William Johnson, who produces the successful Equals Three channel which has more than 6 million subscribers and 2 billion video views, announced 10 days ago, “In...

  3. How Buzzman Rewrote the Rules of Fiction to Create Relevant Video Content

    In the next 10 years, we're going to see all the forms of entertainment film, television, video, games, and print melding into a single-platform "story engine. We agreed on 42 different verbs and filmed 42 different scenes in less than a week and...

  4. Mary Blair Google Doodle Honors Artist's 100th Birthday

    During the 50s, Disney released an animated film almost every year, with Blair contributing on several animated short films in addition to her color styling work on Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.

  5. Would You Go Swimming with Sharks or Go Jump in a Lake for Google Fiber?

    Peoria, Illinois, created an animated short film on the melancholy nature of life without Google Fiber -- complete with a haunting piano soundtrack -- and highlighted the vast amounts of data that could be downloaded in the short time it takes the...