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  1. Online Video Trends in 2011: From YouTube Mobile to Major Redesign

    This includes channels created by well-known personalities and content producers from the TV, film, music, news, and sports fields, as well as some of the most innovative up-and-coming media companies in the world, and some of YouTube’s own...

  2. YouTube Adds Video Editing, Lets You Make Quick Fixes to Videos

    Let’s say you wanted to use this old trailer to promote the 70th anniversary of “Citizen Kane”, which the American Film Institute (AFI) voted as the “Greatest Movie of All Time. YouTube made two noteworthy announcements this week.

  3. Assembling Your Landing Page Optimization Dream Team, Part 2

    Typically, graphic designers will have an artistic background in the visual arts, including drawing, painting, film, animation, and photography. They may also have had additional training specifically in Web design and related graphics, photo...