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Filing Search Patent Applications

  1. SearchDay: SERP Position: It Ain't Horseshoes

    Yahoo Registers Meal Search Patent Posted by Frank Watson Jun 28, 2008 Bill Slawski, of SEO by The Sea, has uncovered another patent filing. This time Yahoo is applying for a patent for meal search technology.

  2. New Search Patent Applications: October 6, 2006 - Google Takes Over the Patent Office

    I examined this patent filing in considerable detail at SEO by the Sea, in a post titled Google's Query Rank, and Query Revisions on Search Result Pages. There were some interesting new patent applications this week from Yahoo, Microsoft, and IBM...

  3. New Search Patent Filings: August 27, 2006 - Google's Recommendations, IBM's Speedier Pagerank, Napster's Search

    It appears that this patent filing looks at some of the inner workings of Desktop Search. Napster's peer-to-peer filing sharing system is described in a patent originally filed in August, 2000. Microsoft published a couple of patent applications...

  4. New Search Patent Applications: July 11, 2006 - Google Patent Filings by the Dozen

    This first patent filing discusses some of the factors that the search engine may look at to determine whether or not an ad served on a page a good match for that page and possibly the category that page may be within, including some user behavior...

  5. New Search Patent Applications: July 5, 2006 - Google Coming to a Shopping Mall Near You

    The Google Map team comes out with another patent filing, and this one may have already been implemented in the system. Very similar to another patent application from a couple of weeks ago, Method and system for finding and aggregating reviews for...

  6. New Search Patent Applications: June 27, 2006 - Searching Amongst Malicious Web Sites

    That's the focus of the next patent filing. This patent filing looks at user logs for web queries, and user feedback associated with those queries in an attempt to try to cluster the queries, and serve more relevant results in response to those...

  7. New Search Patent Applications: June 19, 2006 - Autolinking, and Better Advertising through Deletion Predictions

    If Google wanted to get into the product or services review business, the next patent filing describes a blue print for the process that might make an effective and innovative system. He's listed as the inventor for this next Google filing.

  8. Search Engines And Legal Issues

    In response, Google is now asking that the patent be invalidated, saying that Overture operated its system for a year before filing a patent claim. However, the filing gives no specifics. Don't look for it to be filing lawsuits, however.